The best way to start your beekeeping journey is to go to our beekeeping class and then get a lourado Bees premiun Kit which has :

1 Langstroth beehive 

1 Kenyan Top  Bar Beehive 

1 Langsroth catcher box

1 Kenyan Top Bar catcher box 

1 Smoker

1 bee-suit with a veil

1 pair of goat skin lather glove 

1 hive tool 

4 bags of seeds 

1 bee brush 

10 wax sheets 



LouradoBees Premium Kit

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  • Most of the items in the Lourado Bees Premium Kit are made locally in our Uganda manufacture with the highest attention to details . The Items that we fabricate are adjusted to our bees to our climate .

    We bring high quality beekeeping to your door steps .