The  Langstroth hive is a  vertically modular beehive that has the key features of vertically hung frames, a bottom board with entrance for the bees, boxes containing frames for brood and honey and an inner cover and top cap to provide weather protection. 

Lourado Bees has introduced and popularized the Langstroth beehive in East Africa .

They are made of pine timber in our manufacture located in Maganjo Uganda .

Each beehive has a coat of resin and varnish which make it  hermetic and resistant to intemperies .

We  also have manufactured a bee escape for them  to facilitate the honey harvest and have improved their entrance to protect the hive against predators or pest .

The langstroth Beehive is recommended if you want a high honey production .

Made by Lourado Bees .



Langstroth Beehive

  • Louradobees will take back any defective product for repair